Winter play: skating + sledding 101

Today we finally got to bring Rocco outside to play! With the arctic temperatures, it has been too cold to bring him out lately, so once we heard a pleasant 30-something degrees was in store (I know, I know…it seems crazy) it was time to put his cute and cozy Quicksilver snowsuit to good use.



So, our neighborhood is just the best. I feel so fortunate and blessed to live next to some pretty amazing people…with some pretty cute and fun kids! On that note, there is a pond across the street next to one of our neighbors house and each year they gather up a few other neighbors to help clear it for some classic winter skating. They also have a huge hill leading down to the pond where all the kids go sledding. As newbies (neighbors, that is) we were thrilled to join in the winter fun this year.

We bundled Rocco up and headed across the street with his skates and sled in hand. His eyes lit up as soon as he saw all of the skates and shovels gliding across the pond. Daddy brought his snowblower over and Rocco got a kick out of watching that too.



After the ice was cleared, we decided to whip out the new slightly too big skates we bought for Rocco to give them a shot. They don’t sell baby size 5 in stores, so Vinnie just bought the smallest pair he could find at Dicks Sporting Goods. According to daddy, it’s never too early to get those skates on, whether they fit or not. 😉


Yeah, so they might have been a little big, but it didn’t seem to bother Rocco one bit. He loved it and kept trying to look down at his feet to figure out how these little blades worked. Nonetheless, he was completely entertained and in love with skating (a.k.a daddy pushing him around).


Rocco also experienced sledding for the first time. His friend Sophia helped show him the ropes. Thanks Soph! He had a blast getting pulled around…and around…and around the pond. Mama and daddy definitely got their workout in today.


I have to say, as much as we complain about the mostly unbearable winter weather in Minnesota, it’s days like this that make me embrace this season with a full heart. And our son definitely has a heart for the outdoors and winter play. Here’s to appreciating the nostalgic winter memories that come from making new ones with new friends!


xoxo – mama brooks

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