The Fair: fun + firsts with Rocco

Over the past few years, my hubs and I haven’t been consistent Minnesota State Fair goers. We just kind of lost the desire and other end of summer happenings took precedence. However, we were both fond of the fair growing up and made great memories with great family traditions, so we wanted to share that same experience with our son, Rocco.



I’m so glad we went today and so excited about our new family tradition! It’s a whole different perspective reliving everything through your child’s sparkly eyes. We decided to go in the morning so we could get him home for an afternoon nap. It was a much needed and nice and long after all of the fun we had! Here’s a quick recap of our three hour adventure at the fair.

We started with the animals. Sheep, pigs, cows and horses. Although, he loves naming them all in his books, he wasn’t too thrilled to be up close and personal with them. The potent barn smell threw him off a little too. He clung on tight yelling, “stinky moo-moo’s,” as we entered the Cattle Barn.


After the not-so-successful animal adventure, we made a pit stop to fill our tummies at Tino’s! He is one of my dear friend’s dad, who owns Tino’s Pizzeria (the very best) in Minnetonka. He sells pizza-on-a-stick at the fair.


It was so fun to see Tino and we all enjoyed our delicious slice-on-a-stick!


In this family, there is always room for dessert. Especially mama’s favorite fair treat, Sweet Martha’s Cookies!


With our sugar high in cue, we raced to the toddler rides at Kidway! Rocco and I took a ride down the big carpet slide.


I had butterflies in my tummy as we sped down, so I can only imagine how his felt. Although, after making it to the bottom, he jumped up with excitement and danced his way to the exit. You could tell he was proud of himself. It was so cute!


Daddy and Rocco took a ride on the motorcycles. They were fast and popped wheelies. “Broom-Brooooom!”


Rocco even did a ride all by himself! He drove his very own bumper boat. The look on his face says it all!


After the rides, we made our way to Little Farm Hands, sponsored by Kemps. Rocco’s papa is the President of Kemps and Rocco is a proud supporter (as are mama and daddy).


He tested out some Kemps IttiBitz Birthday Cake flavored ice cream, in honor of their 100th anniversary.


Got a Kemps cow tattoo.


And visited the Kemps Mooseum. Remember to drink your Kemps milk!



Rocco had an awesome first time at the fair and so did we. He was nothing but smiles the whole way home! It always fills my heart to see him full of joy.


“Now I praise you because you remember me in everything and hold firmly to the traditions, just as I delivered them to you.” – 1 Corinthians 11:2

xoxo – mama brooks




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  1. So fun Ashley…I have a lot of respect for those who venture to the fair with little ones!!! What a great tradition!

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