Tag-a-long trip to DC: just the hubby + me

A couple weeks ago, Vinnie was asked to fly out to D.C. for a quick work trip. He has a few cousins who live there that I had yet to meet, so he asked if I wanted to tag-a-long and meet up with them for dinner. Even though it was only going to be a 72 hour adventure, I was not about to pass up an opportunity to travel with my hubby and meet more of his family, so I enthusiastically accepted his offer.

You gotta have a Starbucks for the flight, right?

You gotta have a Starbucks for the flight, right?

This was also going to be the first time we would both be away from Rocco together, which meant I had let someone other than Vinnie or I run his complete schedule for three days (gulp). Thankfully, that “someone” was grammy Dawnte. Even still, I went into fierce mama-bear-mode and typed up an insanely organized and detailed description of his routine.

Grammy and Rocco (with visits from grampy Greg, uncle Kyle and soon-to-be auntie Jilly) did great, and Vinnie and I were able to enjoy our first getaway together, just the two of us, in over a year. As hard as it was to leave our baby for three days, it was energizing at the same time. I am a firm believer in post-baby marriage prioritization, and planning date nights or trips is a fantastic way to do so.

We arrived in D.C. early Wednesday evening and headed straight to the Verizon Center to try to get tickets to the Capitals (Caps) vs. Penguins game that night.Three of the top NHL players were playing that night, so the arena was almost sold out.


Have to say, I have a heart for hockey.

We ended up splurging a little and got some great seats in the lower bowl.

The Verizon Center!

The atmosphere was so much fun (minus the lady with the nasal voice yelling “go Caaaaps” behind us). And to top it off, I was appropriately dressed in red, along with freshly manicured red nails, for the home team. :)

We met Ovie the bulldog from the NHL commercials, while waiting to get into the arena!

We met Ovie the bulldog from the NHL commercials, while waiting to get into the arena!

After Vinnie’s business meeting, we spent the rest of the afternoon being “tourists”. The White House was our first stop. I cannot get over the fact that it is RIGHT in the middle of the city. I guess I thought it was a little further off the beaten path, but there it was smack in the center. We got the standard picture taken and then headed down the street, where we passed the raggedy old lady who has stood outside the White House for over 32 years. I can’t even fully describe it. Click here to read more about her, it’s so crazy!

The White House

The White House

We headed to the W Hotel for a late lunch at their rooftop restaurant called POV, with an overlooking view of the White House. There were only a few other people dining up there, so we were able to get a prime table with a great view.




Left: Mixed Berry Caipirinha (mine)
Right: Rock & Rye (Vin’s)

After splitting an amazing chicken and avocado sandwich and those tasty cocktails, we went down to the lobby to determine our next stop. Let me just take a minute to reflect on how much I loved the decor in the lobby. The chairs were so cozy and fun, we didn’t want to get out of them.


We peeled ourselves out of those comfy chairs and attempted walking to the Lincoln Memorial. About halfway there, we panicked that we would get stuck in rush hour traffic and hailed a cab back to the hotel about 10 minutes outside of downtown. Dinner with the cousins was at 7:30 p.m., so we rested, got ready and took a quick trip into Georgetown for a little shopping instead. Georgetown is SUCH a cute area and I am excited to go back and SHOP and explore more. I never got to Georgetown Cupcake, which I hear is amazing and is on the to-do list, along with many others for next time.


Dinner was at Masa 14, in this trendy little up and coming neighborhood just outside of downtown D.C. The food was delicious. We ordered family-style and shared everything, which I love so you can try more things on the menu. A few of my favorites were the prosciutto flatbread, pan-roasted cauliflower and crispy brussels sprouts. The company (Vinnie’s cousins) was even better! I can’t  believe we didn’t take a single picture with them…sigh, next time.


Masa 14

Vinnie and I had a great mini-getaway and crammed a lot of good stuff into those 72 hours. We can’t wait to go back and spend more time with the cousins and this beautiful city full of history, great food and fun! If you’ve been to D.C., what is your favorite thing to do or spot to dine?

xoxo – mama brooks

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  1. LOVE! What a fun get-away…and so fun to read! I like the pic of your drinks too…always fun to sip on a tasty drink at a new place :) It has been so long since I have been to DC, but when we go back I will let you know what our favorite place to dine is! xoxo

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