Sweet and simple DIY Valentines decor: heart-filled hurricanes + be mine banner

After our fun-filled, yet financially draining month of December (with Rocco’s birthday and Christmas), I was forced to find affordable ways to transition my house out of it’s silver and white wardrobe. With Valentines Day around the corner, I got the itch to incorporate some sweet and simple decor. I normally don’t decorate a ton for this holiday, but I really felt the urge to update my dining room table scape and fill the big bare wall in there, so this was the perfect opportunity.



So, I took a little shopping trip around my house to find items I could use for a couple cute DIY projects. After taking the green tree candles and salt snow out of the hurricanes I already had on my dining room table, I got the idea to fill them with white candles I already had on hand and conversation heart candies. I picked up four 16 oz bags of conversation hearts at my local grocery store for only $1 each. After placing the white candle in the center of the hurricane, I slowly poured the hearts around the candle about a quarter of the way up. If you don’t have hurricanes on hand, you could use any type of clear glass candle holder or even a clear glass cylinder vase.


I placed a pink artificial flower, previously in my kitchen, between the two hurricanes. And viola! I am a sucker for simplicity and love the bright and colorful look of this Valentines table scape. Who knew shopping in your own home would be so fun? It’s a great lesson learned for me and I will be doing it more often now!


Along with making my dining room table pretty, I wanted to give the big bare wall that rests behind the table a little love. When planning parties, I often use this wall for the cake display and fill it with photos or party props. Otherwise, it is left lonely and grey. I have plans for it eventually but they are not in the budget yet. With my Valentines state of mind, I decided to make a “be mine” banner. This is my signature banner I’ve been making for baby and bridal showers the past year, so I had all the supplies on hand, however they are very affordable to make.


You’ll probably have most items on hand, but can pick up whatever else you need at your local craft store. Here is a list of the supplies:


Step 1: Place the letters two inches from the top of each piece of paper.


Step 2: Cut two pieces of tissue paper.


Step 3: Glue the bottom piece of tissue paper on first (lining up the bottom of the tissue paper with the bottom of the card stock paper). Then glue the top piece on about a half inch down from the bottom of the sticker letter. Don’t worry about the sides lining up perfectly, you can trim the extra tissue paper off once the glue dries.


Step 4: Punch two holes at the top corners of the paper and string the ribbon through (ribbon goes behind the paper).


Step 5: Hang it! I used Scotch Expressions tape to match the ribbon. It comes in all colors and designs.


The best part about these banners is that you can customize them to any event! Make them girly by cutting small slits vertically at the bottom of the tissue to create fringe, paste three separated stripes for a nautical look, or just leave them as is for a sweet and simple design, like “be mine!”


Hope you find sweet and simple ways to love up your living space this February! Have a Happy Valentines Day!



4 thoughts on “Sweet and simple DIY Valentines decor: heart-filled hurricanes + be mine banner

  1. I was JUST looking at my hurricanes that are still filled with faux snow and thinking that I generally like them but need something other than faux snow in them. This is perfect. Thanks lady!

    • Oh good!! They look as good as they taste too! Haha, I have to admit it’s a bit of a challenge to refrain from sneaking the candies when you walk by! 😉

      • Simplicity……………….Cute! Fun to do. I bet little Rocco likes those little
        sweet hearts. How can you resist. A sweet heart for a “little Sweet Heart”. Love, Grandma Bev.

        • Thanks Gram! Rocco does love the sweet hearts! He’s got a sweet tooth like his mama! haha. We love and miss you! Hope to see you and Grandpa soon! xoxo

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