Squeaky clean: 3 must-have items for a baby + mama approved home

Chasing after my mobile mini-man leaves me little time to clean and lots of dust build up. I have a total Type A personality and thrive off of a tidied home, so I try to keep my house “picked up” at almost all times. However, weeks can go by before I do a deep cleaning session (mopping floors, cleaning toilets, washing bath tubs, the list goes on). I want the best for my baby, as all of us mamas do, so I love finding baby-friendly cleaning supplies and products that do the trick in half the time!


Today, as I was attempting a deep cleaning session during Rocco’s morning nap, three items helped me power through a couple of the most challenging areas to clean…our main level wood floor (including a crumb filled kitchen from Rocco’s latest full fledged food fights from the highchair) :) and the upstairs bath tubs. The following three cleaning items are safe for those exploring little hands to touch and effective and efficient for us mamas. Side note: these items are great for use with and without babies in the home!

1. Swiffers: Ok, who doesn’t love these little things? I swear by them for almost every little dusting thing and I recently found another area these work magnificently in…the bathroom tubs. I don’t know about you, but I despise cleaning tubs. The dust and hair just slide all around when you try to clean with a wet rag or paper towel. So, today I decided to try a Swiffer in there and it worked like a charm. It picked up all of the dust particles and hairs in a few little swipes! Once that was all clean, I just had to spray a little bathroom cleaner to disinfect and make it extra squeaky clean. This process would work super well on any white tile areas that are tough to clean (including bathroom walls and floors).


2. Bona Floor Mop: My mom (the lovely lady who instilled this cleaning obsession in me) bought me one of these when we first moved in our new house (I think she found it at Home Depot or Lowe’s). As any good mama would do, mine was looking after me when she spotted this, since our new place has hard wood floors throughout almost the entire main level. And with a 5-month-old at the time we moved in, she knew it was going to be a challenge to keep the floors clean. The Bona definitely helps me clean a floor in half the amount of time. The best and most efficient part about it is the removable and washable velcro microfiber cleaning pad. All you have to do is rinse, ring and mop! I have no doubts Bona will become one of your best friends.


3. method squirt + mop hard wood floor cleaner: I stumbled across this in Whole Foods (although I know you can find this brand at Target and other stores) the other week and have been in cleaning love with it ever since. Our dark hard wood floors are hard to clean (they show all of little Rocco’s finger prints) and this product has left me speechless. I literally just have to squirt a bit and mop with the Bona. The ginger yuzu scent is so delicious. And the fact that it is a no-wax formula, non-toxic and biodegradable makes my mama-heart sing. I absolutely LOVE method products including this floor-cleaning gem! Tip: For best results, make sure to run the Swiffer over the floor to grab the extra dust and hair before mopping.


It feels so good to a have squeaky clean and yummy smelling house for my baby to crawl around in. I’m going to go enjoy my nice clean floors now…until the next food fight with Rocco. :) Happy cleaning!

xoxo – mama brooks

3 thoughts on “Squeaky clean: 3 must-have items for a baby + mama approved home

  1. This is super cute Ash – you should start emailing these to family and friends to get them to follow you…..

    Love you!!

    Mom xoxo

  2. Cute blog, Ashley! We have the Bona, too and love love love it!!! My husband bought ALL of the Bona products and insists he cleans the floor himself because he’s obsessed. I don’t object :)

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