Rocco’s Stylish Snowmobile Birthday Party : indoor activities + favors

With Rocco being old enough to run around and play with friends at his birthday party this year, I wanted to make sure there were plenty of activities. However, it was a bit of a challenge coming up with indoor options.



Most toddler birthday parties we’ve attended were in much warmer weather than we are experiencing now. And almost all of them had bounce houses outside…man I wish we could fit one of those things inside!  With everyone snuggling in at our house during his party, I had to come up with something for those little frosting-filled friends. I know better than to send kids home without burning off their sugar fix first!

r 59

Thankfully I remembered a fun day Rocco and I had during Thanksgiving week. We stopped into Barnes and Noble and in the kid’s section they had a coloring station set up to color pictures of turkeys. So, I thought why not set up a coloring station in our house! I covered one of our lower profile coffee tables with poster paper, printed off snowmobile color sheets and set out small cups of crayons.

r 21

It was a hit! And kids of all ages were able to participate.

r 40

It was also challenging to come up with indoor snowmobile-themed games. I ended up doing a spin-off of the traditional pin the tail on the donkey game and named it “Pin the Rocco.” I had a black and white (color was way too expensive) poster printed and purchased a sticker template to print off  the “Rocco” icon Anne Ulku created for me.

r 19

With a small scarf around their heads to prevent peaking we all chanted “R-O-C-C-O” as I gently turned each kiddo in a circle. Then they attempted to place the “Rocco” sticker on the “caution 2-year-old ahead” sign (and not the wall, wink). This game can be used with any theme and the best part about it is that you can customize it however you need to. The winner received a small bag of m&m’s in the party’s color palate!

r 41

Although, everyone got a bag of goodies to bring home. Inside the favor bags were snowmobile stickers, packets of hot cocoa and a Santa whistle. The party was just a few days before Christmas, so the Santa whistle worked, however I would have liked to find some sort of snowmobile toy. There are just not a lot of party items out there for this theme. The kids seemed to have fun with them, so I was happy!


My favorite part about these indoor activities and favors were that they were easy, affordable and fun for Rocco’s friends! I’ll be back to share more about some scrumptious snowmobile treats and more party fun soon!