Rocco’s Stylish Snowmobile Birthday Party : hot cocoa bar + snowmobile cake display

As you may have read in my previous post on invitations, Rocco decided on a snowmobile themed birthday party on his trail to turning two.

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I was a little nervous about how I would pull it off in a fun and modern way, but with help from some friends and a little creative crafting on my end, it turned out better than I expected! And of course, one of my very best friends and favorite new photographer, Photography From Eileen, captured it all! I’ll be posting photos in segments since she caught so many of the little details on camera, allowing me to share so much!


Today we’ll be making a pit stop at the hot cocoa bar and snowmobile cake display.

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Along with the invitations, my friend Anne Ulku designed the cutest modern icons I was able to use for stickers and decor. I enlarged them and printed them out to make a custom backdrop for the hot cocoa bar. Marshmallow snow was the perfect addition to the backdrop. I used a clear craft cord (you could use fishing line) and a fine needle to string the marshmallows. Hanging them at different heights helped add dimension (see photo above).

r 14

We were expecting quite a few kids under the age of two, so I made sure to provide a “kid-friendly” option by offering Kemps chocolate milk, sippy cups and straw cups.

r 20.2

It’s a good thing we had that option. I even caught some of the adults pouring chocolate milk in their cups!

r 17

Cheers to two years, Rocco!


After some snowmobile-style sipping and snacking, it was time to grab the cake off it’s display table for some birthday wishing and candle blowing. For the backdrop of this display, I hung giant pom pom garland I made using short, fat balls of yarn. I found the tutorial at Best Birthdays. It’s fairly easy, but takes a little longer than five minutes, as advertised.


I created the large “2” photo collage by using black and white photos of a few different sizes (4×6, 5×5 and 5×7). It was a little challenging to figure out the shape, but I was able to play around with it and rearrange photos as needed since I used scotch tape. We don’t print photos enough these days, so I left the photo collage up! I love walking by and reliving those moments.

r 13

My cousin Cassie made this amazing Snowmobile cake. If you look closely you’ll see that the trail is shaped in the number two.

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And on top of looking amazing, it tasted amazing! “Happy Birthday sweet Rocco, Happy Birthday to you!”

r 56

r 57

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It was such a fun celebration of our little two-year-old and I loved planning every minute of it! I’ll be back later to share more from his party including, snowmobile games and activities for the tots, my aunt’s mouth-watering recipe I used to make snowmobile and number two shaped sugar cookies and more!


4 thoughts on “Rocco’s Stylish Snowmobile Birthday Party : hot cocoa bar + snowmobile cake display

  1. Hello there! I did a search on Pinterest for snowmobile cAkes and was brought to you! Which is perfect because my son is turning 2 at the end of February! Love the cake. We are a huge sledding family and I thought what’s more perfect then a snowmobile cake for my son! I have to ask, where did you get your sons shirt!! ??

    • Hi Megan,

      Sorry I didn’t see this message until now. I got the toy snowmobiles at a gift shop in clinic actually. I could never seem to find them in regular toy stores. Try some local gift shops and drug stores like Walgreens and CVS. They also sell some on Amazon if you search for them.

      Good luck!

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