Rocco’s Stylish Snowmobile 2nd Birthday Party: invitations + a designer friend

With Rocco’s 2nd birthday just one month away, it’s time to for me to kick party planning into gear…eek!


Rocco’s roc-star 1st birthday party was quite the bash. And although the party isn’t as big for his 2nd birthday, I still feel like I have something to live up to. Especially, since he will be more engaged this year. Which is why I left the decision up to Rocco.

R 12


He is mostly into hockey, soccer and all things motorized! Especially, Papa G’s and Uncle KyKy’s snowmobile that he had to sit on each time he saw them in the garage last Summer/Fall. We told him once he saw snow he could go for a real ride. Well, once the first snow flake fell, Rocco couldn’t get them off his mind. One day, I put some of his favorite toys in front of him including a small toy snowmobile and asked which kind of birthday party he wanted, he instantly picked up the snowmobile!

snowmobile toyI was excited he knew exactly what he wanted, but was left with the challenge of a snowmobile party…what does a snowmobile party look like?  In my research for inspiration, I found them to be few and far between. Although, I was excited to do something original and hopefully when all is said and done provide inspiration for others with the same task.

I started with the invitations. After hours of searching every site known to man, I could not find one snowmobile option. It was then I realized I would have to get creative. That’s when I contacted my friend and designer, Anne Ulku. I have always loved her modern work and asked if she would help me make a “hip” snowmobile invite.  I had the concept and verbiage sketched out already, so I just needed her to work her magic. She did that and so much more! Along with creating a unique, modern and fun invitation, she pulled out design elements for me to use in styling the party.

Rocco_2nd_invite copy

I recommend Anne for any design request! She is an absolute joy to work with and is really blessed with a gift. I’ll be back to share more about this snowmobile shindig soon!