My not-so-baby, baby: 11 months old

My “baby” turned 11 months yesterday! I say “baby” because he is looking and acting more and more like a little toddler these days. Between sprinting around the house with his walker, racing up the stairs, and “no-handing” it around the furniture, the static snuggly baby days are over. As much as I miss the snuggle time, I am absolutely loving this stage too. Rocco’s sweet, silly and spirited personality is shining through. His strong little name seems more fitting everyday.

Each month, I’ve been taking a picture on this super cute bear rug I got at a shower. It is crazy to see how fast and how much these babies grow month-to-month. The newborn schedule of feeding eight times a day and chugging coffee just to keep my eyes open seemed so long at times, but looking back almost a year later feels like a blink of an eye.




Speaking of a year, I am in the middle of planning Rocco’s first birthday party…a rock star birthday party, that is! And I am so excited for it. After spending many “strenuous” hours on Pinterest and Etsy  <insert smiley face> scoping out the perfect items, I am anxious to see it all come together. Here’s a sneak peak of my inspiration:


Well, we are off to celebrate a birthday party for someone else tonight, Great Grandma (GG) Patty! Grammy Dawnte is making surf and turf for dinner, so Rocco is getting salmon, sweet potatoes and corn tonight…YUM!

xoxo – mama brooks