Mama-talk: perspectives + postivity

When you’re experiencing a specific milestone in life (buying a car, engagement, marriage, pregnancy, parenthood, etc.) doesn’t it seem like you see and hear about that particular thing everywhere? Being a mama, my senses have been triggered by all of the buzz I’ve been seeing and hearing on different perspectives of mama-hood. There have been several blog posts (working vs. stay-at-home, cherishing challenges), TV segments and commercials (Johnson & Johnson, P&G) that focus on the challenges and rewards of being a mama. And it has made me stop to think about what I find most important in this journey.

mama + rocco

Mama + Rocco #selfie
{15 months old}

I agree with most of the perspectives and have found that they all seem to share the same “moral to the story.” Being a mama can be difficult, scary, frustrating and exhausting, however all of those challenges are never to be taken for granted because they make you a stronger mama and contribute to an unspeakable JOY in parenthood.

As a new mama, I think one of the bigger challenges some of us experience is not being able to receive that sense of love and appreciation back from their babes, since they can’t communicate yet through expressions, hugs, kisses or words. When Rocco was about two-months-old, I remember a fellow mama telling me “I was doing a good job.” I can’t tell you how encouraging that was for me. I loved my new baby more than anything and just wanted to do the best I possibly could to make him feel comfortable, happy and loved. In the more challenging moments, like between the hours of 7-9 p.m. when he wouldn’t sleep for me and wouldn’t stop crying sometimes, I would revisit those words of encouragement, take a deep breath and remind myself that I was doing the best I could.

Rocco at three days old {Photo Credit: Heather Barta Photography}

Rocco at three days old
{Photo Credit: Heather Barta Photography}

A little over a year later, Rocco is sharing his love through big hugs and kisses and I am loving it. Especially the big hug I get after zipping him up in his jammies before bed…my heart melts every time. The first “I love you” isn’t too far away and I can’t wait to hear those words from him. However, I also know there will be times ahead where I might feel defeated or unappreciated..teenage years, anyone? I have come to realize that the challenging moments in the past year have made me a stronger mama today and I am going strive to embrace those ahead, for I know they will make me the best mama I can be. Personally, I think the most important thing to do is find the beauty in challenges and cherish overcoming them as a deeper love between you and your child.


Mama + Rocco kisses #selfie

One of my favorite things to do with my mama-friends is lift them up with words of encouragement. God has given my heart the desire to do so. This weekend I came across the verse below. One of my favorite mamas was having a rough morning and the light bulb (in my head, that is) instantly went off for me to send this to her.

“Do not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time you will reap harvest if you do not give up.” – Galatians 6:9

Just thought I would share a little mama-love with you this week. No matter how old your babies are…you’re doing a good job, mama!

xoxo – mama brooks

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