Hitting the ground running: a shoe review + tips for towing a toddler

Now that the temperatures are rising (FINALLY), Rocco and I are getting back into our running routine outside. Him in the BOB jogging stroller, of course. And me pushing him as my feet happily hit the snow-free pavement.



Along with the new spring in my step, literally, I was due for a new pair of running shoes. So, I headed over to one of my favorite spots, TC Running. After a few minutes of scoping out the new Spring collection, I decided to branch out from Newtons (my go-to’s that I still love) and try on a pair of Saucony’s. The salesmen in TC Running are always very personable and genuinely care about finding a shoe that fits your running form. They had me try on the Saucony Mirage 4 and almost instantly I knew I was going to fall in love with this shoe.


And I did! It’s a fairly neutral shoe in terms of pronation and provides just the right amount of support (cushion) without feeling bulky. Which is perfect, because I like feeling light on my feet. Plus, its a pretty stylish and fun shoe to wear. A perk when it comes to serious running shoes!

If you’re looking for a new shoe and the Saucony Mirage 4 fits your pronation style, I would highly recommend it. Just to note, I am not getting any compensation for this review. Simply sharing the love of finding good running shoes.

Along with that, I have a few tips for towing a toddler while you run, well more so pushing…but it’s more fun to say that way. These tips are not specific to runners. They work for walkers too and are just a few things that I’ve learned through challenges while towing my own tot. Last summer, Rocco (6-9 months at the time), was perfectly content in the jogging stroller. So much so, that he’d often dose off for a nap. This outdoor running season started a bit differently. At first, my little busy bee wasn’t happy sitting still and wanted to get out to play and run on his own. After testing out the tips below, I am happy to say he is enjoying his time in tow again.


T – Take time to map out a route that fits your tots needs. Make sure there are safe areas or public restrooms for potty breaks and diaper changes, if needed. And stay in a familiar area in case you need to take a shortcut home.

I – Invest in a jogging stroller. It makes the ride much smoother and more enjoyable for your toddler. And it’s just plain safer than a non-jogging stroller since it is specifically designed to handle the terrain. My favorite is the BOB Jogging Stroller.

P – Play music and games with your tot to keep them entertained on the ride. For example, create a fun playlist on your phone and play it on speaker mode in the cup holder of the stroller.  Sing the “Wheels on the bus” song as a school bus passes by or stop at park near the end of the run for a quick game of tag.

S – Snacks and water….pack em’! These two things can help turn that toddler frown upside down. And keeping them hydrated on a warm day is very important.

I hope these tips help my fellow running (or walking) mama’s out there and encourages those that are hesitant!  Staying active makes you a better you and a better mama!

xoxo – mama brooks