Happy Mama’s Day: past + present love

Just had to stop by quick and say how incredibly blessed I feel today. As my second Mother’s Day begins, my heart is exploding with so much love for both my own mama and within myself. In the past year and a half , I have experienced an indescribable type of love that has filled my heart to the brim. And for that, I thank our sweet son, Rocco.


Rocco at 4 days old. {Photo by: Heather Barta Photography}

I am also thankful that I am gaining an even deeper understanding of my own mama’s love for me.


Mama and baby me.

Words can’t describe how much I love and appreciate my mama. She means the world to me and will always be my very first best girlfriend.


Always by her side.

I love our laugh attacks. Our honesty. Our unconditional love for each other. And I love how our relationship has only grown stronger with time.


Always get asked “are you two sisters?” She stays young and beautiful on the inside-out.





















I will be carrying on all of the positive attributes she displays as a mama into my own mama-hood and will strive to be the amazing kind of mother she is to me.


Mama, Rocco and me.





















With that said, I wish all you mama’s a very Happy Mother’s Day!

xoxo – mama brooks