Fun in the sun: family trip to Florida

We spent the past week visiting grandma and grandpa Brooks in sunny Florida! They both retired this year and recently made the drive down to their home in Miromar Lakes. So we thought, why not plan a trip down there to help them kick-off their retirement…and celebrate grandma Fran’s birthday! This was Rocco’s second trip down there (we took him around three-months old with my family), and it was so much fun to bring him back.

Swimmin' with grandpa and grandma Brooks!

Simmin’ with grandpa and grandma!

Rocco is really a pretty easy baby and a good boy, however there were a couple things I was nervous about for this trip:

1. The plane ride. (Is it going to be harder now that he’s older?…will he nap at all?…will he be noisy and annoy the other passengers?…how are we going to entertain him for three hours straight?)

2. Sleeping.  (I can count on one hand the number of times he’s slept in a pack n’ play and I was scared we weren’t going to get any sleep…note to mama – next baby needs more practice with this.)

Thankfully, he eased mama’s worries and ended up doing really well with both the plane ride and sleeping in the pack n’ play! We gave him water in a slower flowing sippy cup on the way up and down and then gave him his nuk to suck on during the ride. Side note: I have been trying not to give him the nuk during the day and use it only for naps and bedtime, so that it’s easier to transition out of it later, but you gotta do what you gotta do in certain situations, so I did! We brought lots of small books, toys and snacks. Rocco is such a social butterfly (like his dada), so he had a ball entertaining those around us with his silly sounds, raspberry lips and games of peek-a-boo. He loved looking out the window as we zoomed up into the sky. “Ah-boo, ah-boo”, he kept repeating in his little low voice (“ah-boo = excited in Rocco baby talk).


As far as sleeping went, he was a little scared the first night and first couple naps, but got used to the comfy cozy pack n’ play grandma Fran set up for him with a soft made-to-fit quilted sheet. I did have to rock him to sleep for naps during the day, which I try not to do usually, but in times like this when you just need your baby to sleep, I believe that whatever works best for you and your baby is most important. Once he fell asleep he slept well!  I am so thankful that he did so well both flying and sleeping…I am one proud mama!

The first night Aunt Louise and Uncle Arthur, who live about five hours north of grandpa and grandma Brooks, drove down to see us and meet Rocco for the first time. He loved showing off all of his newest tricks for them (walking with the walker, throwing balls, pushing cars…pushing everything). It was so fun to see them and catch up over a tasty pasta dinner Aunt Louise and grandma Fran made.

Each day we would wake up, have coffee, play with Rocco and then after we put him down for his morning nap, I would go up to the spa/gym and get a workout in…ahhhh so nice! There’s just something about getting a good sweat in each morning on warm vacations. Plus, it’s always nice to have a hint of  “me” time to refresh my body and mind.

After Rocco’s morning nap we would head to the pool. He absolutely loved the water and watching all of the other kids play.

First day at the pool!

First day at the pool!

I think it made him feel like such a big boy!

Last pool day! Rocco-wear: Baby on Grand swim shorts

He made a new friend, Frankie (Francesca), while we were there too. Frankie is two years old, so it was fun to see how Rocco will be next year around this time. I still can’t get over how fast babies grow and the incredible milestones they make in such a short amount of time. It is so amazing to witness first-hand…one of the many things I am in awe of being a new parent.

Our little fishy.

Our little fishy.
Rocco-wear: Baby Gap swim trunks

Here are a few precious moments captured on our family vacay.


His little feet are so cute in this pic!

How cute are his little feet?!?

Baby beach bum!

Baby beach bum!

Sporting his cool dude aviator sunglasses: Children's Place

Sporting his cool dude aviator sunglasses: Children’s Place

Happy birthday, grandma Fran!

Happy birthday, grandma Fran!

Three best friends. Rocco wear: Polo dress shirt H&M chinos

Three best friends.
Polo dress shirt
H&M chinos

Incredible sunset at the Beach Grill's Happy Hour. Rocco-wear: Nordstrom Rack shirt and shorts

Incredible sunset at the Beach Grill’s Happy Hour.
Nordstrom Rack shirt and shorts

Soooo much love for this little one!

Soooo much love for this little one!