Family room fitness: workout with Next Fitness Star Stacie Clark

Ever find it impossible to get out of the house and into the gym? Whether something comes up work-related, weather-related, kid-related, the list goes on, it can be difficult for mamas and non-mamas alike. Even as a fitness instructor, outside of teaching three nights a week I find it hard to leave the house sometimes and resort to giving myself a quick “class” in my family room. Especially during the winter when the weather restricts me from taking Rocco out for a run or walk.



Most of us need instruction on what exercises to do and how to do them correctly. Well, I have an amazing solution for you! The Power Sculpt Series with Stacie Clark. Stacie is the owner of the fitness studio I teach at, Tiger Athletics, and a dear friend of mine. She was named Women’s Health Magazine’s Next Fitness Star last fall and had the opportunity to create this calorie-burning, body-toning, results-driving DVD. It was recently released and is available for purchase now! You can order it online here.


Of course, I love, love, love teaching and taking classes and encourage you all to come try one out sometime, but I also know that life can throw you in a bind for finding time to workout. The Power Sculpt Series with Stacie Clark DVD is a great way to fit it in your fitness at home.

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A happy and healthy you is a better you…and in my case a better mama!

xoxo – mama brooks

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