Fall Fun: my little pumpkin + apple of my eye

Our almost two-year-old little boy continues giving us the joyful opportunity to relive our childhood memories, while witnessing his in the making. The absolute best part of it all is watching his expressions as he experiences new things for the first time. And this season, it’s all about Fall fun!


For our first Fall field trip, we headed to Apple Jack Orchards with Nana. We only had a few hours in the morning, so our goal was to find an extra toddler-friendly spot. Not only for our short time frame, but also for his short little attention span.



Apple Jack was a hit! They have a cute little outdoor play area with tons of props and toddler-friendly attractions. Rocco currently has an obsession with John Deere tractors and absolutely loved pretending to drive this over-sized wooden version!


Apple Jack also has a small animal farm that is the perfect size for tiny tots.


The animals were gated, which was helpful for terrified tiny tots. Rocco loved the animals from a distance, but latched onto Nana tight when he got too close for his comfort.


There were plenty of tractors at Apple Jack! A.K.A more photo ops for mama!


The haystack slides were fun too!


Our time at Apple Jack was short and sweet, just like my little guy (wink). We left with plenty of smiles and a big bag of apples!


The only downfall of visiting Apple Jack during the week is that they don’t offer tractor rides and playtime in the corn pit. Those are only available on the weekends. However, I found out that the 101 Market offers playtime in their indoor corn pit every day for only $2! So, we took advantage of it on a rainy day a week later.



For our final Fall field trip, we headed over to Dehn’s Pumpkins a couple weeks later with Auntie Jilly.


As we drove through miles of corn fields, we knew this place was going to be just what we envisioned for our authentic day of Fall festivities. Located on a quaint family farm, Dehn’s Pumpkins absolutely nailed it!  We did a hay ride through the farm fields, with apple cider in hand, behind one of the big tractors. Rocco was in awe!


After the hayride he drove a tractor his size.


Then we attempted the corn maze. Attempted is the key word. We could not figure it out for the life of us and Rocco got a bit antsy, so after about 10 minutes we decided to make our way back to the entrance. Don’t go in those things if you have any ounce of claustrophobia either, yikes!


Pumpkin pickin’ seemed like a better plan for us, so off to the patch we went.



We hauled our pumpkins back to the farm to pay for them and play a little longer. Dehn’s also has a corn pit and a large inflatable pumpkin jumper, so we let Rocco loose before heading home. Such a fun place for kids and adults!


As Rocco nears his two-year milestone, he is showing more interest and excitement in learning new things. Often times, it’s the little things that bring sparkles to his eyes, the things we sometimes take for granted. Witnessing his enthusiasm for the “small stuff” is a great reminder  to live in the moment and appreciate each experience life brings. It must be God’s way of transitioning us into Thanksgiving!


On that note, I hope you all find time to entertain the inner-child in you with those you love and experience the joy that Fall festivities bring!