EVEREVE: Hudson + Rocco

I’ve had the amazing opportunity in the past few years to work with the vibrant and talented team from Evereve (formerly Hot Mama), on representing their brand through modeling their clothing. As a mama, I absolutely love what this company stands for {read the story here}. Even prior to mama-hood, I’ve loved shopping at Hot Mama/Evereve. And recently, Rocco and I had the privilege of doing our first lifestyle shoot with them to promote the amazing Hudson Nico jean collection (everything styled on me below is from Evereve).

_MG_7828 copy


As usual, I wanted to bring every item I modeled home with me. I mean ev-er-y-thing! Especially the Hudson’s.

_MG_7944 copy

On top of being obsessed with how cute they look, the Hudson Nico jeans are seriously comfortable. During the shoot, Rocco and I got to play in our natural element, so I know first hand that’s the truth! And functional fashion is important in mama-hood, right ladies?

_MG_7172 copy

So, if you need a new pair of jeans, you need to check this Hudson collection out. Plus, during the month of December, Evereve is donating part of the proceeds from every denim purchase to Opportunity International. I love purchases with dual positive purposes!

_MG_8178 copy

When you grab your Peppermint Mocha and head out Christmas shopping this year, make sure to stop in Evereve. Or bring your holiday drink home to snuggle in and shop online. You’ll feel hot giving and wearing Evereve clothing, I can guarantee it. And like I’ve said before, a happy mama is the best mama!


5 thoughts on “EVEREVE: Hudson + Rocco

  1. I just stopped in the store last week, but I was wearing Ezra so couldn’t try anything on. I need a great outfit for a family lifestyle photo session we’re doing in our home in early December so may have to swing in there. I might have to take you with me for styling help! These photos are so beautiful. My favorite part is that you are beyond gorgeous both inside and out.

    • Thanks so much Jess! As are YOU, mama!! 😉 And I would LOVE to join you on a shopping trip to Evereve!! Text me the date and I’ll plan on it! :) xoxo

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