DIY Personalized Gift Packaging: multi-purpose boxes + meaningful presentation

Hi there!  I thought I would share this DIY project with you for a little Friday fun. Over the past few years, I have become obsessed with creating personalized gift wrap and boxes. I love picking out and giving gifts in general. So, this new obsession has taken the joy I get in giving gifts to the next level.


It all started while thinking of a creative way to package a gift I was giving for a baby shower. I remembered getting so many bags at my own showers. I kept the bags that were in great condition and have reused them for gifts I give (reduce, reuse and recycle, right?), however after almost 3 years there are still about 20 remaining in storage!

While I appreciate the thoughtful gifts that went into those bags, it made me think of a way to create a multi-purpose gift package. I’m talking about gift boxes that serve as storage. And all you mama’s out there know how much storage you need. On top of that, it’s fairly easy. All you need is a quick trip to your local craft store and a little creativity!

Here are the items I generally purchase at my local craft store or find in stock (at home). I actually used the following items to create a personalized gender neutral baby shower gift today!

A couple packs of stickers that match the theme you want to use…


A roll of 1-2″ ribbon to coordinate (I am head-over-heals in love for this tribal-style ribbon that comes in several colors)…


A white gift box (sized to fit your gift)…


And viola!

Baby Shower

You can make them as elaborate or as simple as you’d like. Here are some other examples I’ve done in the past.

For milestone birthdays, I like to create a scrapbook-style box.


30th (2)

For birthday’s, I like to match the theme, like this dinosaur box I made for my sweet neighbor boy’s dino-mite birthday party.


The best part about the box is that it can be used for storing baby heirlooms, girlie headbands and bows, handsome hats and bow-ties, toys and more!

Baby Girl   Baby Boy

Baby Girl 2


Of course, the box won’t work for some gifts due to size restriction. In that case, I like to use the same items with a brown or white paper gift bag. I made this one for my mom’s Mother’s Day gift this year. Simple, sweet and special.

Mother's Day

Putting a little extra time and thought into the presentation of your gift makes it that much more special. And it’s a bonus when it is multi-purpose. It’s like my dad always says “If you have the time to do it, you have the time to do it right.”  And in the gift department, you can’t go wrong with this little DIY project. Give it a try with your next gift and share the love!

xoxo – mama brooks