Score, Rocco is 4: Hockey Birthday Party: skating + concession snacks

Four years fly when you’re raising an energetic little guy! Our little hockey lover, Rocco, requested a hockey birthday party this year. We didn’t do a big one with friends last year, so we thought we would pick it up a notch this year. Besides the fact that I truly enjoy planning parties, he’s getting old enough now to really appreciate it, which makes it even more fun. It was actually pretty easy too, since we had a lot of the hockey decor on hand from his bedroom and toy collection. Here’s a look at Rocco’s “score, I’m 4!” birthday party.


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Oh the places he’ll go baby shower: travel + safari

My best friend, Eileen, from college is due with her first baby (bonus…just two months after me)! We dreamed about the timing of our babes happening like this and it just so happened to work out with her first and my second. And they are both boys! I cannot wait to share mama-hood with her and watch these little guys grow up together!


Here is a look at the travel and safari theme baby shower (to coordinate with her adorable nursery) that a few other ladies and myself hosted for her at my house this past weekend.


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Baby K on the way: gender reveal party

It’s a very special week for my little bro and sis-in-law! On top of it being my sis-in-law’s birthday TODAY (Happy Birthday, Auntie JiJi!), they found out the gender of their precious growing baby yesterday. And although my sis-in-law did the planning, I had fun contributing a couple pink and blue decorations and snapping some photos of the glowing parents-to-be.



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Rocco’s Stylish Snowmobile Birthday Party : sugar cookies shaped as snowmobiles + 2’s

Several requests have come in for the recipe I used to make snowmobile and “2” shaped sugar cookies for Rocco’s second birthday party. Since it is my aunt Sarah’s special recipe, I needed to get her permission to post it first. Well, it’s your lucky day because she said it was okay!



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