Best baby boy denim: functional + fashionable

Today, I have a baby fashion find to share with the mamas of boys out there.



Ever since Rocco started walking, I have been in search of functional, yet fashionable denim for him. He plays hard…very hard, so he’s mostly in sweat pants in order to stand up, sit down and jump around at his full-potential. With my fashionista frame of mind, I have fun keeping my little man on trend by mixing in a stylish pair of jeans, especially when we go out and about. However, I’ve come to find that most fashionable denim for baby boys is not quite as functional.

The first time I put Rocco in a pair of designer baby jeans, they came off within five minutes (out of respect, I’ll refrain from mentioning the brand). He grew very frustrated after a couple attempts to stand up, since the area by the zipper was way too long and restricting. The the material simply wasn’t very movable. I couldn’t make him struggle like that just to have him look stylish. So, my mission to finding functional and fashionable baby boy denim was in full force.

And the winner is…H&M’s 4-24 months straight and slim jeans, both just $14.95! H&M is always a top pick of mine for baby/toddler clothes, since they carry trendy, yet affordable options. And boy, oh boy, they didn’t disappoint on this mission of mine! The fabric is absolutely amazing. Even though it’s mostly cotton, there is a really nice stretch to it that allows for great wear and play.

I went with the lighter color option in the straight pair for spring and summer.


There is only one color option in the slim pair (and just a side note that they really aren’t that slim, which I like).


In terms of sizing, I had Rocco try on both 12-18 months and 1.5-2 years. He normally wears a size above his actual age range (he is 15 months old), however with these jeans the 12-18 months size fit best. And there is still room for him to grow, without swimming in them. I do have to roll both styles at the ankles a bit, but I don’t mind because I like that look. Especially with the awesome pair of high top sneakers I picked him up while I was there. Couldn’t resist.

Rocco sporting H&M slim denim and sneakers.

Rocco sporting H&M slim denim and sneakers.

If you’re in the market for finding a good pair of jeans for your little guy then give these a try! And if you already have some favorites that your little men sport then please do share!

xoxo – mama brooks