Another Florida Adventure: family + fun

I know, I know. We are spoiled having a set of parents that live in Florida and another set that loves vacationing there. To all you fellow Minne-snow-tans, my intentions are good in this post and I don’t mean to rub it in! 😉

Rocco packing the night before we left…so excited!

Rocco packing the night before we left…so excited!

This particular trip was originally planned by my parents as a Christmas gift for all of us kids and grandkid (can’t wait to make that word plural…huh-hum Uncle Kyle and Auntie JiJi – wink!). Grandpa G and Grammy Dawnte rented a house in Marco Island, where we spent the first half of our trip. Since we were going to be so close to Ft. Meyers, near Grandpa Paul and Grandma Fran’s house, we decided to extend our trip and spend a few days with them before coming back home.

Our flight down there was in the early afternoon, which worked great since Rocco is down to one afternoon nap now.


He fell asleep shortly after takeoff, which helped eat up some of the time mama and daddy had to spend keeping him entertained in such tight quarters. The rest of the time we read lots and lots…and lots of books. Grampy G was sitting in the aisle seat of our row, so he let Rocco stand next to him to stretch his legs a little too. Rocco’s big cheesy smiles and flirtatious personality provided entertainment for the ladies in the surrounding aisles.


This was Rocco’s third time flying and he did great, once again. I guess we can now say he’s a pro-traveler…bring on more vacations please!

Weather-wise, it was a rough couple of weeks for Floridians with rain, clouds and cold temperatures, prior to our arrival. Well, I should specify when I say cold. It was in the 60s, which to them is “rough” but didn’t really seem all that bad to us compared to the below zero conditions in MN. Nonetheless, when traveling to generally warm destinations, you hope for those warm and sunny skies, right? Thankfully, we ended up getting two really nice days in Marco with highs in the 70s and lots of sunshine, as well as a beautiful last day in Ft. Meyers!


The pool and beautiful view at the house in Marco.

These two beach toys never left his side.

These two beach toys never left his side.

Practicing his moves from swimming lessons.

Practicing his moves from swimming lessons.

Jilly and I in our new cover-ups from the local surf shop!

Jilly and I in our new cover-ups from the local surf shop!

We went to dinner at Quinn’s on the beach one night and took pictures by the ocean before eating. It was Rocco’s first time experiencing this massive body of “wa-wa”. He kept saying “wowww” with wide-eyes and smiles. I don’t blame him! The beach in Marco is absolutely stunning and the sunsets there are spectacular. There is also a nostalgic element it brings to me. My dear friend Angela and her family allowed me to tag along on several Spring Break vacations to this island during my high school years. I have so many sweet memories of my time with them and it was fun to reminisce, while making new memories with my family at the very same spot!


Grampy G and Grammy Dawnte with Rocco.


I loved witnessing Rocco’s expressions as he saw the ocean for the very first time.

Uncle Kyle and Auntie JiJi.

Groom and Bride-t0Be….Uncle Kyle and Auntie JiJi!

Back to the beach we went the next morning to let Rocco dig his toes rake a little deeper into the sand.


Taking in the view and the crashing “wa-wa”.


Beach love with my love.

We had a blast spending the week with this gang and celebrating Uncle Kyle’s golden 26th birthday! Cheers!



And that’s not all! I warned you, didn’t I? :) After a fantastic few days in Marco, we were off to Ft. Meyers to spend a few days with Grandpa Paul and Grandma Fran. While we were there, the weather didn’t cooperate with us as much as we wished, but we made the most of it and ended up extending our stay one more day to take advantage of the sunshine that was coming.


A little clouds didn’t keep this little fishy from playing in the pool!


Rocco loved swimming in his new life jacket.
Stearns Puddle Jumper: Target

We had dinner at the Beach Clubhouse one night where there happened to be a live music! Bonus for Rocco especially. This boy loves to music and dancin’, dancin’, dancin’! He showed off all of his dance moves and even got a hold of the musician’s guitar.


Rocco lured everyone in with his contagious dance moves.


Our last night, we had our friends Abby and Adam over for a bit and met their new baby girl, Renn! They also have a cute almost two-year-old boy, Reid. Abby’s parents live really close to Grandpa Paul and Grandma Fran (which we discovered on Facebook while we were there…leave it to good old Facebook).  They don’t live near to us back home, so it’s always a treat to spend time with them. Rocco loved meeting Renn and gave her lots of loves.



And now, here we are. Back in the freezing tundra. The look on Rocco’s face says it all. 😉


We are very thankful to both of our parents for allowing us the opportunity to soak in some much needed vitamin D. Hurry up Spring, we are anxiously awaiting your arrival!

xoxo- mama brooks

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  1. That was a wonderful recap of your trip! We loved being with all of you. We need to do it again , soon ! :)

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