A New Year: a wedding on the way


So, I am a little behind on posting about the topic I am sharing today, but I can’t think of a better way to talk about it as we kick off 2014! On that note, I am getting a new sister this year and couldn’t be more exited, yay! My little brother, Kyle, asked his girlfriend fiancé Jill  to marry him on Labor Day last year. He was so cute about the entire engagement experience, from picking out the ring to planning his proposal and proposing!


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I love my lil’ bro to the moon and was honored when he asked me to go with him to pick up the ring for final inspection and approval. I will never forget the star-struck look on Kyle’s face when he opened the box with the completed ring. Once we got back in the car, he opened it again, and then opened it again, and again…he must have opened and closed that box 20 times before we got home. :) It was the sweetest thing to witness. You could tell he was so proud of the sparkly love-symbol he had chosen for his beautiful bride-to-be.


So, you’re probably wondering how Kyle did it? It was a chilly late summer Sunday. Snuggled around the outdoor fireplace, we were all trying to figure out what to do, since a day on the lake wasn’t  looking good. Kyle and Jill decided they were going to get out for a bit and grab a warm drink at the local coffee shop. After coffee, with Kyle’s appreciation of Jill’s adventurous spirit, he asked Jill if she wanted to take the regular route or the scenic route back to the cabin. Right in line with Kyle’s plan, she responded with “scenic route!” So, he drove her to one of his favorite childhood spots near the lake. To get right to the point…he got down on one knee and she said yes! They returned back to the cabin moments later, gleaming with joy as they ran back to the patio to share their exciting news with us.  I am ever-so-thankful to have been there for that special moment.



About Jilly. She is absolutely perfect for my brother. She has an incredibly warm heart that touches everyone around her and a witty sense of humor that knows exactly how to handle my brother’s “sometimes” silly/sarcastic side. Wink. 😉 She and I hit it off right away. I love how open and honest she is. Her personable personality allowed our hearts to connect instantaneously. We have a lot of commonalities and genuinely enjoy each others company. I cannot wait to officially call her my sister next September! AND on top of all of that, one morning last Fall Jilly brought me one of my fav Starbucks drinks (Pumpkin Spice Latte) with “Will you be my bridesmaid” written on the cup, so cute! Of course, I said YES!  I am over-the-top excited and thrilled to be a part of this special day!


Hurry up September! I dedicate this New Year’s post to my sweet little brother and his amazing fiancé…cheers to a magical day in 2014!


xoxo – mama brooks

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