A kick start: fashion + feeling good

This post is for all you fashionistas out there. Sorry Rocco fans…he won’t be featured in here. However, this topic definitely incorporates an aspect of mama-hood that gives respect to our inner and outer beauty.  In terms of outer beauty, I am a firm believer that when you look good, you feel good, which makes you a better “you” and in my case a better mama. Non-mamas and mamas alike can appreciate the joy a new top, mani/pedi or salon visit brings, am I right ladies?


To the new mamas out there, most of you will probably agree that after having a baby you don’t feel like your total self. Both physically and emotionally. With the blessing of my sweet new baby boy in my arms, I didn’t care that I lived in sweatpants for the first month…or two…or three (wait, maybe I still do wear them a lot), but after a while I was craving to “feel cute” again and dedicate a little time to myself. I think a lot of new mamas, including myself, feel guilty about spending their money and time shopping or pampering themselves. Am I right?

The fact is, that spending a little time for yourself is so important and necessary. Finding a fun top that supports your duties as a new mom (a.k.a. those insanely large balloons on your chest) or being able to look down at freshly manicured nails can be such a mood brightener. As a result, the positive energy it brings will make you feel like a better you and a better mama.

My mom happens to work in the corporate area of the clothing store Hot Mama. You might think I am bias, but I honestly love this store and everything it stands for. You can read more about the company here. Spending a little “you” time at your favorite store, like Hot Mama can be just what the doctor ordered in the look good, feel good department. My mom has been so inspirational in my love for fashion and is wonderful example of just this…trust me, I have one hot mama! More importantly, through this she has taught me about self-respect and confidence. Thank you mom.

Ok, so back to the main reason I started this post. The other day, I found these awesome Steve Madden wedge sneakers at The Rack. I’ve been wanting to sport a pair for a while now, but haven’t justified purchasing them. Originally, I was inspired by an amazing version I came across on Pinterest by Isabel Marant. However, these babies were way, I mean way out of my price range! The much less expensive, yet totally eye-catching Steve Madden’s I passed when walking towards the kids shoe section at the Rack (shopping for Rocco of course), drew me right in. The caramel-y color is gorgeous and they feel as great as they look on. Plus, they were over 50% off original price, since they were a returned item. I have seen a lot of these deals lately at The Rack. So keep your eyes peeled if you go there! As a new mom specifically, I know most of us our spending money goes to baby/kids gear, so I am all about deals these days. Anyway, I just had to have them and am so glad I indulged!


Steve Madden Highlight Wedge Sneaker

I was so excited about these new kicks that I couldn’t stop envisioning outfits to wear with them. So, during one of Rocco’s naps this weekend I raced up to my room to raid my closet for a little fashion-affair.


If you’re anything like me, you love getting fashion ideas and tips other blogs, Pinterest, Polyvore, the Hot Mama lookbook, etc. So, here you go ladies! Hopefully, some of my ideas will provide inspiration on sporting the high-top sneaker wedges if you own or purchase a pair. Excuse the not-so-high-quality photos. Next time, I need recruit my hubby and professional camera!

A casual look…


Blue Flannel top: H&M
Tee: black v-neck
Denim: Hudson dark wash skinny from Hot Mama


Top: Heather by bordeaux from The Rack
Denim: Hudson dark wash skinny from Hot Mama

A night out look…


Jacket: The Fillmore from Hot Mama
Top: Tea n rose from Hot Mama
Denim: AG from Hot Mama


A little bit of glam look…


Fur: passed down with love from Grandma Jo
Top: French Connection
Denim: Joe’s printed denim (dark green and black)

Here’s to doing that special thing you love, providing positive-energy and making you a better woman and/or mama. Perhaps it’s a set of new kicks to kick start it…wink!

xoxo – mama brooks

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  1. Very fun and mama inspiring post Ash- I love Hot Mama and the Rack :) I have to say though that you honestly could make wearing a paper bag look adorable 😉

  2. That was great! Wonderful outfits to go with those boots. Loved seeing Grandma’s mink stole. I know that she is smiling! :)

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