A Delightful Derby Party: friends + fabulousness

Last weekend, our neighbor friends invited us over for their annual Kentucky Derby party they host each year with a few family and friends. So, we trotted across the street in our hats and Derby best to join in the fun. It was filled with so much fabulousness that I just have to share a couple of fun photos the hostess, Erin, snapped.

My boys and I!


My hat and shirt: Anthropologie // Vinnie’s hat: Tommy Bahama // Vinnie’s seersucker jacket: Atmosfere MPLS // Rocco’s shirt: Old Navy // Rocco’s jeans: H&M

And here are the ladies and I in our big ol’ Derby-style hats!


From left to right: Kammie, me, Erin and Kristin

When I found out everyone was wearing hats I rummaged through my closet to find one that would work, but no such luck. So naturally, I did what most girls would do and grabbed a shopping buddy. Kammie and I headed out on our Derby hat mission the night before the party. I ended up finding this one at Anthropologie and splurged in hopes that I can maybe wear it to the real (Kentucky Derby) deal someday. Wink. It’s justifiable since I can wear it to the beach and at the lake this summer too, right?

Along with the delicious dishes Erin and her husband Jay provided, Kammie and her husband Anthony hand-crafted a signature cocktail pleasing to both the eyes and taste buds.  Mint Juleps, of course! But with their added secret touches. And how cute are those cups? They were almost too pretty to drink. Although, my hubby had no problem taking them down. Double wink.


On top of it all, it was a family affair! Rocco had a blast playing with all of his friends. Derby kids 2

Our very first family Derby party was filled with fun and fabulousness thanks to some pretty amazing friends.

xoxo – mama brooks

2 thoughts on “A Delightful Derby Party: friends + fabulousness

  1. Love this! Your hat is great! A cute bathing suit and cover up would be just as fabulous with that hat. Totally worth the splurge. Might have to beg Kammie for the mint julep recipe. I’m ready for summer cocktails for sure! Come on baby! Four weeks to go until a glass of champagne too! :)

    • Thanks Jess! Yes! C’mon baby boy and sunshine! Looking forward to being able to wear that bathing suit and cover up soon! I can’t wait to meet your new little man in just a few weeks! We will have to come over once you’re settled in with him for a front porch toast to your family of four! I’m thinking mojitos (my summer fav)! 😉

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